Meet The Startup


Describe your products in 5 words.
Patented, Reusable, Food Safe, Portable, Made in USA

How did you come up with the idea for this product?
Our daughter Mia was born premature and had to stay in the NICU for over a month. When she was finally able to come home, the house was in the middle of a remodeling project that was supposed to have been completed weeks prior. While dealing with the stress of an over - schedule remodel and a fragile preemie, we found it difficult to feed Mia without spilling (her milk/formula) and making a mess using the conventional kitchen pouring tools. Most of the time we would lose half of the precious milk/formula all over the counter or floor as we tried to pour it into the preemie baby type bottles. It struck us that so many pitcher type containers that should be able to pour smoothly without spilling never worked. Even your traditional heavy glass measuring cup pitchers have a design flaw, that pours liquid with a back spill. The generic plastic funnels are bulky, hard to store and deteriorate fast if exposed to hot or warm liquids, and need both hands to use. We couldn’t find anything on the market that fixed this problem...and that’s when it hit us. We needed to invent a simple, flexible, durable product that prevents container to container spills...That actually WORKS!

What has been the best part of your experience?
We found so many customers with beautiful stories using our product for a variety of home-kitchen needs. When we created this product, we thought of the need within the baby industry and somehow started to evolve and be used in other industries with success. It is not your traditional funnel that you can pull out of the kitchen drawer. A lady customer, having a hand coordination limitation found success pouring their soup onto a bowl, with our product. Others used it outdoors, while camping. Furthermore, many used it on mason jars, on paint quart containers, and on oil 5-gallon containers for oil changes.