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Kitchen funnels are the workhorses of any culinary workspace. Crafted from food-grade silicone, these funnels offer precision pouring and a wide range of applications. Our ZpillSafe patented brand is not your traditional funnel that usually come in sets with various sizes to accommodate diverse needs. Instead, ZpillSafe is a multipurpose kitchen funnel with a innovative design flexible to fit between 2"- 4" diameter diverse type of liquid containers. ZpillSafe is an already small gadget in size that does not need to be collapsible to fit on most kitchen drawers, and can be on the go option if needed. Moreover, performing the task of transferring liquids flawlessly becomes crucial when precision and time variables are involved. Especial when we try to squeeze as much tasks during our day schedule. Therefore by providing, to our customers, a one handed function product (similar to a real jar pitcher) was key when creating this amazing kitchen gadget.
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