Our Inspiration

The inspiration for ZpillSafe® materialized after Karen’s and Claudio’s (a Peruvian Honduran family) daughter Mia was born premature at 33 weeks on July 12, 2015. Even though Mia was born smaller than most babies and with a weak immune system, she seemed to have a determined spirit, eager to conquer the world from the start. Her first few weeks seemed never-ending in the Neonatal ICU, as she was fighting to survive. Finally after many sleepless nights and weeks for Karen and Claudio, Mia started to show consistent improvement and was ready to go home.

Several moments of frustration grew for them, after trying to replace a small broken glass pitcher (which helped pouring the milk+formula out easier) with a regular mug, and observing how it was impossible to pour (the liquid) directly into Mia’s baby bottle without spilling  everywhere. It was just an added issue, to the already challenging process of caring for a preemie, especially one that had struggled so much to get healthy.  Mia’s parents realized there was nothing on the market to perform the transfer easier, and how much a simple product can solved this problem for parents and everyone that are on the go. Suddenly a clear idea was formed, motivated by their love for their new daughter and desire to make things easier for them at this stage. Claudio worked relentlessly to develop this new invention, studying the materials required and the science of fluid flow. After many months of trial and error, with patience, determination and passion, trying to perfect the design, ZpillSafe® finally performed as intended and now is in the market since 2018. Zpillsafe® is available online here on our phplasticoshoyos websiteamazon store, unfi easy options, and walmart online. 

ZpillSafe Inspiration

Mia (33 weeks old)

zpillsafe inspiration

Mia (33 weeks old)


Milo (32 weeks old)

Our inspiration. (Milo & Mia)